The New PortalConnect Virtual Care Offering

Hello Health is pleased to launch a new Virtual Care offering! Through the new PortalConnect website, patients will sign up and pay a small monthly fee to access the patient portal and communicate with the doctor they match with.

  • This offering determines the compatibility of the patient based on a series of questions they answer that is then matched with your questionnaire, which is further down on this page.  
  • Through our partnership with Backline, patients will be able to book appointments with their doctor by phone, instant message or video chat. Other features such as appointment scheduling, visit notes, and prescriptions will also be available to them through the patient portal. 
  • As a Virtual Care doctor, you can choose how many additional patients you want to take on and what time slots you provide them. Please be aware that this new service will offer patients the ability to book same day or next day appointments.
  • Once you have filled out this questionnaire, we will begin to create your doctor profile and be one step closer to introducing PortalConnect Virtual Care to patients across the United States!